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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Correct the Celebrity Tweets.

After marking my Y7 books I was extremely shocked at their general lack of punctuation. I mean the whole lot: full stops, capital letters, apostrophes etc. Everything seemed to be lacking. So I put it to the lovely tweachers on Twitter for some good ideas and I had a perfect response from the lovely @Englishlulu here, suggesting using celebrity tweets and asking pupils to correct them (originating from this article) . 

I love this idea, and shamelessly went about stealing it and collecting celebrity tweets with a range of mistakes, from capital letters to the wrong there/their/they're. I see this is a long term need for many of my classes, and fun starter for some (depending on issues that arise when I mark!)

Here is the link to the first set of tweets (there are 30 tweets so far - I will update regularly as I start to run out...). The tweets range from members of One Direction to Alan Sugar to Wayne Rooney. Feel free to use, share and enjoy. I hope they are helpful. I have included some suggestions of ideas to apply the tweets below - these have popped into my head as I have been finding them. 

Correct the celebrity tweets!


  • Make it cross-curriculur: How about in maths correcting the tweets and then counting the characters to check if they still reach the limit? Or subjects comparing different celebrities relevant to their field (P.E could compare footballers and rugby players etc).
  • To make it even harder, include tweets that are actually correct but pupils normally add wrong punctuation in (its as a possessive etc) then try and spot the odd one out - which is right?
  • Create responses to the tweets explaining the correction - don't just correct them!
  • Give each table/pair/group a celebrity, once a week give them their twitter feed. Least amount of mistakes wins?
  • I'm thinking of using them as a starter and having green, amber and red. Once green is complete, move on to amber etc. Red will be a STOP and think - harder/multiple mistakes. 
  • An excellent tutor time resource...
  • Homework to find three more tweets and correct them? Harder to find mistakes and means you have more to share with other classes (as suggested by @agwilliams)

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